Table Cover

Attiser fabric  tablecloths are the finest handmade linens available for purchase, with an integration of Indian artistry and French style, these tablecloths will become an instant classical favorite in your home. Dress your stunning dining room table or the one in your most quaint breakfast nook with splendor and true beauty. Choose from ingenious and artistic Indian handmade prints to complement every color, theme, and mood. These fine linen fabric table cloths add a sense of French elegance and sophistication that is simply unparalleled and provide a pretty pallet on which to set your own masterpiece of a home-cooked meal with essential and true country flair.

Style Me

A finely set table is often a place of good conversation, always a place to feel satisfied. Adorn yours with one of out lovely French-style fabric tablecloths, handmade by Indian artists. You’ll love the feel of good linen beneath your plate and enjoying staying longer at the table.

Examine our exquisite table covers and find one you’ll want for your very own:

Choose our Seaside Savvy  fabric tablle cloths, a tropical turquoise on white tablecloth that is perfect for sea-side dining—or those times you wish you could dine by the sea. This stylish linen table cover of aqua and teal is a subtle reminder of the natural beauty at water’s edge.

Choose a Sweet Nothings fabric tablecloths of pink and white linen for a girls’ night in and picture perfect dinner. The delicate pink print floral cloth will be the envy of them all.

Choose the Classic Crimson fabric tablecloths for casual dining, a holiday meal, or an elegant dinner. You’ll love the feel of cotton at your fingertips and the red and white Indian motif. It’s a great decorative accent for your dining room.

Choose our Amethyst Amore fabric tablecloths, a unique Bohemian styled linen cloth of paisley and pink. This Boho design is sure to inspire!

Choose a Sage Midori fabric tablecloths, a part of our linen and cloth collection that is most pleasing to the eyes. Its style combines the romanticism of gypsy life with the intricacies of a geometric Celtic motif of olive green on white.

Choose the Southern Nights  fabric tablecloths, a French Country style linen of classic cobalt blue and engaging emerald green on pure white.