Sweet Nothings

....ink to paper, etched in time, Sweetest Nothings, wrought each line, like breath to life and seed to spring, or the gentle brush of angles wing, to wrap your home in clean, fresh, light and enjoy a more abudant life.


Sweet Nothings is the name we’ve given our gorgeous, pink girls’ bedding set, delicate and profound in a hue that is perfectly sentimental…

This graceful meld of pleasant charms and sweet finesse, of pink and white, our Sweet Nothings Collection is the perfect way to bring a fresh, clean look to your abode, with a unique floral blush that cannot be ignored. This bedding set is beyond beautiful, it is inspired. Enjoy quilts and linens from the Sweet Nothings collection that are rich in pinks and purest whites, designed with girls who love beauty in mind.


Décor Me:

Our pink on white Sweet Nothings Bedspread is a beautiful bed linen with floral flair, a perfect companion to the quilt from the collection of the same name.

Our pretty floral pink and white Sweet Nothings Shower Curtain will add some style and energy to your girls’ powder room, invigorating you as you begin your day in a positively beautiful setting.

The Sweet Nothings Sheer Curtain from our elegant bedding set collection features a pink floral print perfect for a girls’ bedroom or formal living area. It will add vitality to any space where it is hung and provides a feeling of delicacy and charm.

Our Sweet Nothings Moleskin Book is certainly a charming gift, but you may rather consider keeping it to yourself when you see how such a small accent adds delicate style and sophistication to your shelf or table.

Sweet Nothings Napkins really do take the cake! These pink floral printed squares are designed with a ladies’ luncheon or a girls’ tea in mind.

The Sweet Nothings Table Cover wraps your table in soft beauty, pink floral accented linen, and a touch of whimsy. Part of our favorite feminine collection, you’ll love serving dinner on this canvas.

The Sweet Nothings Placemat should be set for quests of honor, beloved family, and new and old friends alike. They will all love the feel of the white linen and revel in the hand stamped pattern that is so intricate and detailed.

Sweet Nothings Cushion Covers can be added to sofas, beds, or couches. They always bring renewed life to a space and fun to a venue.

Sweet Nothings Pillow Covers were designed to fall into, a haven of warmth and rest to complement our gorgeous Sweet Nothings quilt and allow you needed time to recoup.

The pinnacle of the Sweet Nothings Collection Bedding Set our gorgeous Sweet Nothings Quilt is unparalleled in quality and style. Own one and you’ll fall in love with it for life.