Decorative Pillow Covers

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Attiser pillow covers are India inspired decorative pillow cases, versatile enough for an outdoor garden room, or as throw pillows on the most exquisite bed. They add brightness and colorful style to your home and sitting area. Settle into a most luxurious space against the resplendent beauty of one of our signature pillow covers. The perfect compliment to your country-inspired bed and boudoir, our pretty bright colorful pillow cases bring the utmost allure to your bedroom and become the most fashionable of your so comfortable surroundings. We know you’ll find just the right brilliantly hand wrought print and bright hue to tout your favorite colors or your unique theme.

Use them as throw pillows for some decorative fun or enjoy their bright color and Indian design against your favorite office chair or sofa. They’ll add spice and color to your rooms easily and quickly.

Style Me

Settle against a throw pillow at the base of a wall. Hold it close to you as you nap on the sofa. Add it to a bench in your sunroom or garden space, and enjoy the bright colors it adds to your home. Attiser pillow covers are more than accessories; they are individual works of art with unique decorative Indian motifs.

Enjoy simple pleasures with the pillow covers from our favorite beautiful decorative collections:

Choose our Seaside Savvy pillow cover, a throw pillow case that seems tropically enchanted. Accented in turquoise, it is a decorative beauty in aqua.

Choose a Sweet Nothings pillow cover to complement solid pink pillow cases on the bed. These white and pink floral throw pillows add accent and style.

Choose the Classic Crimson pillow cover for your bed pillows. With a classic print of white and red, they are part of an elegant colorful bedding collection that has Fun Moroccan flair.

Choose our decorative Amethyst Amore pillow cover for throw pillows or as your favorite pillow cases. The pattern is an enjoyable bright pink and purple Indian Bohemian Paisley print.

Choose our decorative Sage Midori pillow cover, covered with the Celtic ambiance that is imbued by a bright olive green color on white geometric print. Perfect in your garden room or at an outdoor gathering where extra seating is necessary, it’s a great addition to your décor wardrobe.

Choose the Southern Nights pillow cover for decorative throw pillows or for use nightly. They have a Country-French inspired look and are bordered with gorgeous blues, greens, and whites.