Shower Curtains

Attiser fabric shower curtains are unique designer curtains available bohemian prints. Choose them to add beautiful detail and lots of panache to your bathrooms and powder rooms. It’s time to beautify your bathroom with beautiful fabric shower curtains, and we promise it will be easy! Your shower or bath will never be quite the same once you add one of our unique shower curtains to your tub. Choose an Indian designer fabric that best suits your personality to inspire you for the day, help calm you in the evening, or give you a renewed sense of energy absolutely any time at all. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the new look this elegant accessory gives to your washroom.

Style Me

A gorgeous washroom made bright with unique designer Bohemian prints that you'll find nowhere else will be a pleasure to use each day in your home. Add one of our decorative printed fabric shower curtains to add life, designer flair, and energy to even the most conservative bathroom and enjoy the sense of well being it gives you time and again.

Allow us to introduce you to beautiful shower curtains from one of our exotic and luxurious collections:

Choose our Seaside Savvy Beach Style shower curtain, a lovely Indian print shower curtain of rich turquoise. This blue-green/teal print will give your washroom a tropical feel.

Choose a Sweet Nothings Sweet Nothings lovely Pink shower curtain for a gorgeous pink-on-white floral print. This beautiful drape is distinctly feminine and will be a favorite in even the most discriminating girl's bathroom.

Choose the Classic Crimson Moroccon style shower curtain for a red and white Moroccan style that is everything flavorful and boasts lots of color and energy. You'll love the quality fabric of the curtain and its unique crimson print.

Choose our Amethyst Amore Bohemian style shower curtain, our Bohemian-inspired drape for your shower or bath. You'll love the panache of this deep purple and pink paisley print and the beauty it adds to each morning.

Choose a Sage Midori green shower curtain, the perfect addition to a botanical or garden-themed washroom. This olive-on-white geometric print will become an instant favorite in your home.

Choose the Southern Nights French Country style shower curtain for a placid Country-French feel. You will love the classic green and blue on white print, a floral paisley motif that is artful and sophisticated.