Curtains For Living Room

Sheer Curtains

Attiser sheer country curtains are hand block printed on pure cotton voile and provide your home with privacy from the outdoors while beautifying your windows with decorative style curtains. These country drapes you’ll admire daily and for years to come. Our picturesque assortment of sheer window coverings will take your breath away every time you enter the room. You won’t believe the exquisite way; they wrap your windows or drape delicately to the floor in perfect, handsome folds that feature the most alluring hand-wrought motifs. They add certain panache to your living area with a freshness and polish that is the very essence of real luxury and Country French repose.

Add some refinement to your living or kitchen area by adding these drapery panels. Shield your windows from the happenings outdoors and allow the beauty of the sunlight they filter in. Our decorative sheer country curtains will embellish your home or kitchen and leave you smiling as you walk by, knowing that they are Indian originals made of the best cotton voile, the likes of which are unbelievably affordable for such quality décor.

Style Me

Let our sheer country curtain panels drape to the floors, and fold in currents at your window’s edge. Use them to divide rooms and to make windows picture perfect every time. Enjoy how they make your home more magnificent with their beauty and more distinguished with their decorative style. Breathe a sigh of satisfaction knowing that they these luxury cotton voile drapes are uniquely yours.

Enjoy our timeless sheer curtains from any of these stunning collections:

Choose our Seaside Savvy sheer curtain, an Indian patterned original in aqua and teal. This sheer country curtain is one's dreams are made of and this turquoise hue transcends the most conservative settings.

Choose a Sweet Nothings sheer curtain, our pink-on-white drape and beautiful floral panel design that will brighten any window. Let it fall from a window, near a tabletop, close enough to be touched, studied, and thoroughly enjoyed.

Choose the Classic Crimson sheer curtain for a striking brown motif edged in rich red on white. It is perfect to add some flavor to a room of beige or to bring together the browns and whites in your décor.

Choose our Amethyst Amore sheer curtain, a bohemian-designed drape sure to catch the eye of any guest. It integrates pink and deep purple paisleys on white and is perfect as a door panel highlight piece or to bring attention to kicthen and home windows great and small.Choose a Sage Midori sheer curtain, our favorite olive green on white Celtic-style sheer drape. You’ll be intrigued with its gypsy-inspired geometric print and you be awed by its simple elegance.

Choose the Southern Nights sheer curtain for its simple beauty. These floral counrty curtains imbue French Country elegance and unparalleled style. They are defined by a cobalt blue and emerald green on white design that is almost poetic in its asthetic appeal.