Seaside Savvy

.......teal of hue, like solty fare, the mermaids garden memories share, tides move in and then move on, the rhythm like the sirens song, and so alike and so alive, the Seaside Savvy spend their time.


Seaside Savvy is a collection of beach style aqua bedding that will delight your senses and soothe your soul…
A subtle pattern of decorative aqua, teal, blues, and greens, reminiscent of the seaside, quiet and handsome style, a beautiful addition that will wrap your family and guests in the comfort and tranquility of luxury Indian bedding that is designed with the sea in mind. Enjoy this beach-inspired bedding that pulls teal green and aqua blue highlights to the forefront and makes decorative style even more fun and glamorous. Our luxury Indian bedding is just the treasure you’ve been searching for… curl up, listen to the waves, and envelope yourself in Seaside Savvy.



Décor Me:

Use our luxuriant Seaside Savvy bedspread, a compilation of aqua, teals, blues, and greens as the centerpiece in your beautiful bedding wardrobe. Its Indian sea style print is reminiscent of soothing sea and beachside beauty.

Indulge in a gorgeous bathroom accessory with our Seaside Savvy Shower Curtain. The calming motif of aqua blue and teal green bring meaning beyond its decorative measure and give your powder room a sea-style character that your quests will envy.

Hang our Seaside Savvy Sheer Curtain in your doorframe or favorite picture window for a beach-inspired decorative accent that is a breath of fresh air, sweet sea salt and ocean current, all on a cotton voile canvas.

Add our favorite Seaside Savvy Moleskin Book to your bookshelf or coffee table and you will find it to be among the best kept treasures in your home, arousing thoughts of elegant sea style and great days in the surf.

Place the Seaside Savvy Napkin at your dinner table, its delicate teal motif a present reminder of the aesthetic beauty in genuine Indian art and décor design.

Veil your table with our Seaside Savvy Table Cover, and invite good friends and satisfying conversation to your dinner table. Our gorgeous Indian prints provide the best canvas for an evening of enjoyment.

Our Seaside Savvy Placemat is the emblem of a welcomed guest to your meal. Handprint seaside accents make it warm and inviting and beautify your table setting all at once.

Our handsome Seaside Savvy Cushion Covers add interest and appeal to your favorite chair, sofa, or bench. A bit of seaside flair and a touch of teal blue are strikingly beautiful against any decorative background.

Our stylized Seaside Savvy Pillow Covers are more than just a lovely addition to a beautiful bedroom suit. Their soft prominence welcomes you to rest and peace against an Indian styled concept designed to calm and pacify

The Seaside Savvy Quilt is the perfect basic bedding piece. Amazingly warm and always comforting, its luxury feel and delicate teal Indian block printed design are welcome highlights after a long and exhausting day. Come home to the comfort of our Seaside Savvy Quilt.