Sage Midori

..... Sage is wisdom, sweet and true, midori calls it green,  the newest buds beyond the brook and leap frogs seldom seen, the subtle hues od blossom form and bring the earth up rich and warm, the colo where the woods were born, we call it Sage Midori


Sage Midori is our olive green Indian Celtic bedding, alluring and beautiful, something beyond elegant, and forever enchanting…

An exquisite sage for the discerning eye, in an artful refrain, that calls to mind serenity and hospitality, perfect for hearth and home… yes, we adore this motif we call Sage Midori. What’s not to love? The deep olive green is a luxurious color, always printed on pristine white in a perfect Celtic geometry. It reminds one of a beautiful botanical garden, a gypsy’s eyes, and the way it feels to curl up and sleep deeply in one of our amazing quilts or other bedding.

Décor Me:

Our beautiful white and olive green Sage Midori Bedspread is the essence of botanical design sophistication accented with a bit of geometric flair. A hat tipped to a gorgeous garden, this bedding piece holds unparalleled beauty.

Our gypsy-inspired Celtic-print Shower Curtain from the Sage Midori Bedding Collection gives your bathroom a beautiful sense of adventure and never ceases to add interest to your space.

The Sage Midori Sheer Curtain is a cotton voile wonder that evokes thoughts of gorgeous botanical garden dwellings, Celtic traditions, and pure beauty. We believe it will transform your window to the outside into a window where you will love to view the world.

Leave this gorgeous Sage Midori Moleskin Book at the edge of counter or desk to add some fun flair to any abode. Not only is it a place to jot your thoughts and dreams, it holds them beautifully, between Sage-green geometric accented covers of soft, subtle moleskin.

Dress your table up a bit with Sage Midori Napkins, perfect for elegant dinner or impromptu picnic, these Celtic printed accessories are certain to be a hit at your next dinner party.

The Sage Midori Table Cover is the perfect centerpiece to spark conversations about all things beautiful and somewhat restless, gypsy-like, and difficult to place due to the character of sublime imperfection.

Our olive green on white Sage Midori Placemats are a comely addition to table or sideboard, with certain botanical flair, they will fast become a favorite.

Sage green geometric designs on lush, white Sage Midori Cushion Covers add something to every seating arrangement and make you want to linger a bit longer in your place.

The perfect companions to our quilt of the same collection, these Sage Midori Pillow Covers are evocative of bedding meant for elegance, luxury and comfort.

The Sage Midori Quilt is the crowning jewel of the Sage Midori Collection. It is timeless, elegant, and always perfect.