Bohemian Bedding


Our Quilts have a collection of unique, bright, cheerful handmade bohemian bedding bearing a range of exquisite bohemian patterns and motifs. We believe that a good quilt should fill a room with the brightness and warmth of the sun. We believe people are very picky when they shop for quilts because a good quilt is to be present for history and a good quilt intertwines itself in some of the best memories of its owner. The Attiser bohemian quilts produces luxurious, bright, colorful, handmade bedding is perfect for wrapping your loved ones in warmth or for holding on tight to your significant other. Bring one of our bright and adorable quilts home today and start writing a beautiful history of your own.

Our bright, handmade quilts are queen-sized, and are available in an array of colors and ethnic boho patterns. Handmade bohemian bedding are designer original that are your friends and family will covet.

Style Me

Fold a quilt at the foot of your bed, toss a quilt on the sofa for TV night, layer a quilt over a banister, or stack one in the corner of your kitchen. Retailers around the world cannot offer the unique beauty and one of a kind nature that the Attiser Quilt can afford you. Our handmade quilts are made by the best designers, true artists, who know that the details make a difference..

Wrap yourself in only the best—Our bohemian bedding has come out with the following gorgeous hand wrought collections:..

Shop our Seaside Savvy Handmade Quilt , a comforter with a sea-side aqua motif, resplendent in its teal pattern, a true turquoise treasure… a piece of handmade Indian art that will comfort your for years to come..

Shop our Sweet Nothings Handmade Quilt , a bright pink cotton floral blanket that will look lovely on any girl’s bed, available in queen-size, it will provide a luxurious sleep every night you tuck her in..

Shop the Classic Crimson Handmade Quilt as the decorative centerpiece for your beautiful room. These white and red Moroccan-inspired Indian comforters are the sort of simply elegant luxury cotton throws that Attiser brings to homes of the finest taste..

Shop our Amethyst Amore Handmade Quilt , made in unique Indian Bohemian style. This rich pink, purple and white comforter is an Attiser Indian exclusive available in queen size..

Shop a Sage Midori Handmade Quilt as you shop for bedding. It is a full queen comforter of exquisite handmade beauty, its olive on white design a lovely integration of Celtic art and geometric curiosity..

Shop the Southern Nights Handmade Quilt, having a splash of rich blue pasileys. Whether used as throw or comforter, its green, white, and blue French Country styled handmade quilt will make the room that holds it warmer, richer, and more beautiful..

Attiser Quilts - Exclusive collection of bohemian bedding for your home