Kindling Passion in Color, Discovering Beauty in Imperfections

Crafting artisan-quality products, to bring the unique beauty to our world.

Transforming ordinary homes with extraordinary handmade creations.

Empowering our community through fair and ethical trade.

At Attiser, we take great joy in producing artisan-quality works through techniques that not only bring beauty to the homes of our clients but benefit our community as well. Relationships are of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to strengthen ties among ourselves, with our customers, and as a part of our world.

Our aim is to make amazing handmade products and bring them to your doorstep. You’ll appreciate owning a custom piece from one of our talented group of artists as much as you appreciate the beauty of the piece itself. There is certain warmth about our products. They are rendered by individual artists, producing pieces that cannot be imitated by mass-manufacture. These simply are not pieces that you can buy at a local mall.

We aim for simple things; we believe that simple things in life are the very best things and our pieces reflect that sentiment. The colors and hues we choose are meant to compliment your life and provide a sense of home and hearth. Be comfortable around our things. Our products are purely aesthetic, intricate, and lovely, and our prints do not overwhelm.

At Attiser, we aim at uniting, a mixture of cultures. While remaining true to our Indian heritage, we take our inspiration from our travels and the natural world. Our pieces are at home in a London Flat, a seaside bungalow on the Outer Banks, or in the countryside suburb of Rajasthan.

It is our sole intention to make your home magnificent with our custom creations. Country style living inspires our products. This translates into a feeling of warmth and comfort and good energy in your home, as accented by our lovely pieces. We choose beautiful, bright hues and use them to in ways that can create vigor or a tranquil atmosphere, giving you the best of a spectrum of results in the mood and setting they create.

Select the pieces from our collection to bring a sense of synthesis and unity to your space or to make it elaborately unique. Our Collection will bring beauty and luxury to your home, and you will be proud of the transformation it provides.

Fair and ethical trade are important goals for Attiser. We strive for better trading conditions and to promote stability. We believe in social and environmental responsibility and fair labor practices for our workers.

Above all, we believe in caring for our materials and our human resources ethically, and that doing so is essential for the benefit of humanity. We honor some fundamental principles to ensure that our community of crafters is empowered and protected. We aim at providing safe working conditions to our crafters. By offering specialized training and support, we give our crafters the skills and tools they need to become contributing members of our business collective. We encourage you to help also, by purchasing handcrafted products. Buying handmade means that you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind creation, and also that you’ll be supporting a system that’s better for individuals and the environment. Making things by hand generates less waste than mass production and connects you to the individual creators of your hand-wrought selections.

We join hands in Namaste to thank our artisans and recognize their efforts to retain the treasured traditions of hand block printing developed over 450 years ago in the small village community called Chipaas. Each item is handmade and comes with unique imperfections that add a distinctively splendid flair to our work. Come and join us in a unique experience in design.  You’ll be very glad you did.