Our Inspiration


  • The intensity of a rising sun
  • The magnetism of a child’s laugh
  • The softness of a newly-opened flower
  • The vitality of a bustling Indian market
  • The depth of a pond at dusk… these are our inspiration.

Yes, these are the things that inspire us.

In a land as rich and beautiful as India, there is little that doesn’t spark the imagination. Here we find ideas for breathtaking patterns and motifs for our handcrafted artwork. We infuse each of our exclusive, designer prints with exquisite features and attend to every detail to produce truly unique creations.

We take our cues from nature, seeing beauty in everything from mouth-watering foods to awe-inspiring landscapes. Whether it’s the sweltering summer sun, a bowl of ripe mangos, falling leaves, or the sparkle of precious gemstones, we see lovely patterns that recreate into print.

Multicultural motifs also weave their way into our imaginations. From travels far and wide, to the beauty of our Indian culture, rich traditions and heritage rouse our imagination when developing new styles and patterns. Historical marble buildings, traditional flowered ceremonies, and printed paisley fashions: it’s all fodder for our creativity.

Infused with a variety of patterns, textures, and hues, each of our handcrafted pieces is distinctive in its beauty. Even the little imperfections common in all handmade goods lends a unique attractiveness to each piece.

Whatever your style, we’re sure that our unique designer products will add warmth, vitality, and abundant beauty to your home.