Purple Paisley Linens

Amethyst Amore

..........the deeper shining of the moon, the light across the dark, the sleepy smell of lavender, the palette makes the art, a velvet touch, that deep jazz sound, the mist that early morning found, and somewhere wrapped up in it all, the purple passion that we call Amethyst Amore

Our Amethyst Amore Collection evokes feelings of splendor and energy, a different mood, a distinctly bohemian feel, entirely unique and amazingly lovely through charming imperfections….

These bold and Bohemian colors are romantic and true. Make a statement with the evocative purple paisley motif that expresses a feeling of royalty and honor, a unique boho style for your bed. You’ll notice that our bedding decor collection print tagged, “Amethyst Amore,” brings something splendid to any niche and every sort of décor.


Décor Me:

Our purple Bohemian styled Amethyst Amore Bedspread accented in paisleys is a something a bit quirky, a bit fun, and elegant in every respect.

The Boho Amethyst Amore Shower Curtain is a fun and energizing part of the bedding decor collection with character. It provides an invigorating motif of Paisleys and is an exquisite piece of décor.

The Amethyst Amore Sheer Curtain is décor with the essence of the Bohemian character and feel. Not so conservative, not so subtle, full of fun, play, and passion, a paisley accented window dressing to be appreciated and admired!

The Amethyst Amore Moleskin Books are not only gifts but perfect when you need a splash of color to complement your other Amethyst Amore Boho décor. 

Our Amethyst Amore Napkins are stylized squares of pure delight. Our beautiful lavender hand block printed motif is versatile and lends itself to elegant dinners or casual family breakfasts with ease.

The Amethyst Amore Table Cover is a table dressing that brings light, fun, and a sense of relaxed style to any meal. A luminous member of our Amethyst Amore bedding décor collection, it is an excellent accent piece.

The Amethyst Amore Placemat is a great way to add a passionate purple punch to your usually subdue table. For fun, for flattery, for a new break from the ordinary, try these accessories and add some spice to mealtime!

The Amethyst Amore Cushion Covers feature a bold Boho design that is beautiful and full of serendipity. Whether you own them for beauty or character, we promise your guests will notice their unique Style.

Amethyst Amore Pillow Covers are fun and functional with a splash of Purple and hints of pink; they are beautiful when layered against the Amethyst Amore quilt from the same collection.

There is simply nothing like the Amethyst Amore Quilt. Hand block printed it is always original and designed with colorful and unique character and appeal. Make it the hallmark of your boudoir and enjoy its romantic timelessness.