About Us

Kindling Passion in Color,

Discovering Beauty in Imperfections

Attiser has introduced "Signature Collection" of handcrafted bedding and linens. Attiser collection is made using the 400 years ancient technique of method of hand-block printing from the Thar Desert of Rajasthan in India.

Why handmade?

Handmade means you are getting a piece of the artist's soul. We believe handmade pieces as having a life unlike "stuff" that is mass produced by machines or untouched by human hands during the creation process. Most importantly an artist may print 1000 pieces, but each piece is unique in a small but significant way. In other words, "Beauty evolves through imperfections." Attiser believes in the principles of ethical sourcing and fair trade and puts all its efforts into bringing uniquely designed highest quality of handmade products to the customers.