moleskin notebooks


Attiser moleskin notebooks are hand-printed, fabric covered notebooks that are accented with intricate Indian motifs. You already know that journals, diaries, and daybooks are a wonderful companion to your pocketbook or purse. They are also an exquisite gift and will fast become one of the favorite possessions of the recipient. Our fine selection of lovely prints ensures that there is a perfect fit for everyone. These books were made to keep thoughts, jot dreams, doodle sketches, organize notes, and hold on to for all of prosperity.

Give one of our moleskin notebooks, with its beautiful hand-printed fabric cover to someone special in your life – or buy one for yourself. This Indian print book is a thoughtful gift and a gorgeous accessory for home or office.

Style Me

Place this elegant moleskin notebook on your desk or bookshelf as an accent piece and the conversation will flow around it. Add your thoughts and notes to its pages and it will become a beloved friend. Touch its hand-printed fabric and you’ll understand how special such a treasure truly is. With the richness of Indian style and the perfection of clean white pages, it is sure to become one of your favorite things.

Enjoy or give our beautiful moleskin notebooks from one of our luxurious gift collections:

Choose our Seaside Savvy moleskin notebook, and wile away afternoons with thoughts of ocean breezes as you write in its pages. They are enveloped with a beautiful aqua and teal motif, handmade and printed on moleskin fabric.

Choose a Sweet Nothings moleskin notebook for an amazing holiday gift she’ll love its white and pink printed fabric.

Choose the Amethyst Amore moleskin book of purple elegance and Bohemian style to gift this holiday season.

Choose our Amethyst Amore Classic moleskin for another version of the Bohemian styled perfection, trimmed in purple, a holiday gift that will be well-appreciated.

Choose a Sage Midori moleskin notebook, with its olive green and white, handmade cover to grace your favorite bookshelf.

Choose the Classic Crimson moleskin notebook in rich red on white, a holiday gift of timeless and handmade beauty